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I had the pleasure of working for Dr.Brown in the Emergency Department at Springfield Regional Medical Center in Springfield, Oh. He was an amazing Director. He is very assertive and professional at all times but yet still maintains a great rapport with his employees. Dr.Brown is very quick to compliment and recognize you on your achievements or a job well done, but will not hesitate to correct you if you should step out of line or be unprofessional in any manner. He holds his employees at a higher level of professionalism and expects them to act and perform in such a manner. It was a great pleasure to work for him.


I have had the absolute pleasure to work with Dr. Conrad Brown, Ph.D. on many occasions over the past 10 years. He has always been professional and courteous. He is a very driven and focused individual who takes great pride in his work and the results that he delivers. Conrad is straight forward and honest. Conrad understands what it takes to make you successful and I believe, he passes that on to you. He gives you drive and asks you to dig deep and be a better you when you are doubting yourself. It is always, and I do mean always a pleasure to work with him.


When seeking advice on best practices, Dr. Brown has demonstrated his ability to stay updated on current, evidence-based research. His skillset in thoroughly assessing an organization’s culture, leadership, and processes leads to a clear plan on how to achieve the desired results to improve quality and the patient experience. Additionally, his approach is detail-oriented while staying rooted to the big picture. As a result, Dr. Brown is able to implement improvements with a plan to measure and sustain success. In short, he can assess, recommend, and execute.

The Emergency Department of a hospital serves as a first impression for patients while also serving as a “front door” for a patient’s experience. With Dr. Brown’s experience, he is able to assess an Emergency Department’s efficiency, staff competency, and quality of care. His additional background in hospital leadership with inpatient care also allows him to thoroughly assess the patient experience from admission to discharge.

Having consulted Dr. Brown for his expertise in emergency medicine in both an emergency department and a hospital-based freestanding emergency department, he will help you improve processes, assess clinical competency, and mentor leaders. His approach is thorough and open-minded. Furthermore, his drive for excellence will ensure results. Moreover, his approach as a teacher will help to sustain that success.



‘Miracle worker’ is a phrase I would use to describe Dr. Conrad Brown. I have known Dr. Brown, in a professional capacity, for close to two decades. From the time we met at Bellevue Hospital until the present, he has brought a level of energy and passion truly unsurpassed in our industry. To the best of my knowledge, there is no greater expert on emergency services and trauma care throughout the United States. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Brown and his team to any of our clients or any organization in need of a tune-up, a complete overhaul or a twenty-year vision of what emergency care will and should look like.


Dr. Brown joined UHS in 2017 and was up for the challenge of overseeing the development and overall operations of the four new Freestanding Emergency departments that were to be up and operational by the end of 2018. As a new ED Director, Dr. Brown mentored me in overseeing not only the nursing aspects of these FEDs but the overall function of them. From the construction to the ancillary departments to finance he really helped me achieve an understanding of how to run a successful business.
Under his mentorship, two of our FEDs became a Stroke Ready Hospital as recognized by Joint Commission. The same two FEDs along with a third became the first FEDs in the state of Texas as well as 1 of 2 in the nation to be recognized by the American College of Cardiology as obtaining Freestanding ED Cardiac Care Certification. It is with the guidance of Dr. Brown that I’ve achieved these goals and I am where I am at right now along with the successful FEDs that we currently have in operation.


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